Time to Get Positive about Negative Interest Rates

Volatile conditions make for profitable trading opportunities for those with the right strategies and mind-set. It wasn’t that long ago that the notion of central banks adopting a policy of negative interest rates was unthinkable. How quickly times have changed. This month even International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde said that the recent introduction of[…]

Uberizing Traditional FinTech

The “Uber” for payments. The “Uber” for apartments. Uber has dramatically changed the way consumers interact with service providers, changing real time access from a nice-to-have to a baseline expectation. As we grow more accustomed to these instant and effortless experiences, is it reasonable to expect that the “uberization” will infiltrate all industries, specifically traditional[…]

Why Moving Trading Operations to Asia Makes Sense for Your Business

Perseus CEO, Jock Percy, outlines three good reasons to expand your trading operations in Asia, noting that it’s easier and costs less than you might think. Despite recent headlines covering what many have dubbed a ‘meltdown’ in the Chinese economy, I am here to explain why western financial institutions should still consider Asian markets a[…]