Global Multipoint Ethernet

Perseus has built a next-generation multipoint ethernet solution to seamlessly deliver high performance access to business applications between all of your sites, across six continents.


Increasingly, firms are demanding larger and more complex global networks making it difficult to seamlessly connect disparate LANs, remote sites and off-site data centers. These dissimilar infrastructures create silos and limit an organization’s flexibility to scale, access and deploy applications across the business.

Our Solution:

Perseus Global Multipoint Ethernet service leverages Layer-2 Native Ethernet technologies, built on the Perseus fully meshed backbone. This dynamic, self-healing network leverages next generation software defined networking (SDN) technology to seamlessly interconnect disparate legacy technologies, enabling customers to deliver business applications at a high level of performance between all of their sites across 6 continents. The network extends the performance, simplicity and flexibility of a LAN to the WAN without requiring the specialist skills and equipment associated with the alternatives.


  • Fully meshed, Layer 2 ethernet between all on-net locations across the globe
  • Point-to-point and any-to-any connectivity
  • Bandwidth available in 1Mbps increments, up to 40Gbps
  • Inherent and reliable resiliency within the Perseus core backbone


  • Create seamless communication between your sites enables easy, high performance access to all your business applications
  • Simplify your current infrastructure without sacrificing speed; Perseus Layer 2 switched ethernet offers significant latency advantages over IP networks
  • Control your own IP address routing, keeping it private from providers, enabling you to access and deploy applications securely
  • Maintain application performance with incremental bandwidth as you need it
  • Lower cost and significantly shorten the provisioning cycle from weeks to days
  • Recover faster from service interruptions due to subsea and terrestrial cable outages
  • Improve resiliency and reliability with next-generation control devices