Global Spend Mobility

Perseus Global Spend Mobility rewards our most loyal clients with the ability to reallocate their existing spend to other Perseus services, capitalizing on new opportunities as business needs change.


In today’s turbulent business climate, companies require agility in how they build and manage their infrastructure to be able capitalize, quickly and in a cost effective manner, on new opportunities as they arise. Firms lose this flexibility to reallocate capital as business needs change if they are locked into multiyear agreements that are typical for fixed infrastructure providers.

Our Solution:

Perseus Global Spend Mobility (GSM) rewards our most loyal clients with the ability to reallocate their monthly spend from one on-net Perseus service to another. GSM provides you with the agility to quickly, and cost effectively set up or move infrastructure as your needs change, enabling financial clients to test new strategies in emerging markets and allowing media firms to reach new audiences across the globe. GSM offers the flexibility to pursue new business opportunities without the risk of long-term capital expenditures.

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Clients are eligible for four tiers of Global Spend Mobility status:

*Additional PrecisionSync services are offered at no cost for eligible tiers
Tier Min. Monthly Spend # Eligible Services # PrecisionSync Services*
Silver $25,000 1 n/a
Gold $50,000 3 1
Platinum $75,000 5 3
Diamond $100,000 unlimited unlimited


  • Monthly spend for all Perseus services including but not limited to on-net point to point connectivity, off-net point to point connectivity, multipoint connectivity, colocation, managed hosting, PrecisionSync and market data count toward GSM status
  • Under GSM, services can be transferred to any other on-net Perseus service globally, subject to available capacity
  • Clients must pay Early Termination Fees for any bespoke services (i.e. cross connects, off-net tails, etc.) that need to be cancelled as part of the terminating or transferring of a service
  • Clients will be responsible for new third party fees such as cross connects or exchange fees incurred for the new service