LiquidPath® Trading Services

LiquidPath® is a fully managed service designed specifically for financial firms to provide quick to market, low latency, low-risk, secure connectivity and trading infrastructure globally.


Implementing new trading strategies and accessing liquidity in new markets is increasingly more challenging, as established markets become saturated. Obtaining the proper hardware, securing connectivity and accessing the exchange is exponentially more risky, expensive and resource intensive, without feet on the ground locally. By the time it takes firms to put together the best-in-class pieces, the opportunity in that market may be lost.

Our Solution:

LiquidPath streamlines the process of establishing access to global financial markets, minimizing the time and resources trading firms expend to access opportunities in new markets, in turn, expediting and increasing access to new revenue. Our global, Layer 2 switched network provides the lowest latency routes between 72 of the world’s established and emerging financial centers and serves as the core of our fully managed hosting solution.


  • Trading Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Direct Market Access and Market Data
  • Exchange Colocation and Proximity Managed Hosting
  • download-tear-sheet-buttonHardware Leasing and PoP Management
  • PrecisionSync™ OATS and MiFID Compliant Timestamping
  • Last Mile Management
  • Remote Hands and Local Consultancy
  • 24x7x365 State-of-the-Art NOC Support


  • Access new markets and reduce on-boarding time by up to 85% with high-performance trading access for market data, order entry and high frequency trading
  • Connect to our global financial network of over 300 banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, vendor partners and exchanges
  • Gain operational efficiency with a single low-latency SLA for your entire trading technology ecosystem, eliminating the need for expensive in-house technical support
  • Simplify vendor management and save up to 75% by leveraging one provider for connectivity, hardware sourcing and purchasing, local knowledge and community presence, market access and precision time stamping services.
  • Free up valuable capital by outsourcing IT trading support to Perseus, benefiting from our trusted 24×7 Network Operations Center & Support for a fraction of the price