Wireless Connectivity Services (Microwave)

When you need to be faster than fiber, Perseus offers wireless solutions with the same high quality and support as our fiber networks.

In today’s ultra-competitive High Frequency Trading environment, speed is everything, and wireless technologies have been recognized as a faster alternative to optical transport for low latency financial applications.



  • Maximize reliability with a route diverse from all other systems, allowing you to continue trading when weather takes your competitors out of the market
  • Ensure continued market data delivery when wireless packet loss occurs leveraging duplicated and arbitraged network feeds over wireless and terrestrial fiber routes simultaneously to


  • CME Aurora <> NASDAQ Carteret
  • Bandwidth available in small capacity, bi-directional slices
  • Wireless Market Data delivery
  • Protected fiber backup on every route
  • In-house, 24×7 monitoring by Perseus NOC tracks end-to-end latencies and packet losses in real time