Perseus CEO Makes Institutional Investor Tech 50 List for 2nd Year in a Row

Jock Percy II thumbnailLast year, our CEO, Dr. Jock Percy, rounded out the Institutional Investor Tech 50, landing 50th on the list and joining a group of executives from Intercontinental Exchange Group, Bank of America, CME Group, Goldman Sachs and more. One year later, in recognition of Perseus’ continued global growth and client satisfaction, we’re proud to announce that Jock again represents us and is ranked 47th on the 2016 list.

As technology continues to drive the evolution of fintech and the financial markets, Perseus has been responding to our clients’ ever-growing need for agility, flexibility and scalability in their technology deployment. Jock has instituted an agile business model at Perseus, which allows our company to continuously optimize, leveraging the most cutting-edge technology to better serve our clients. Since last year’s Tech 50, the Perseus network has grown to circumnavigate the entire globe, expanding the LiquidPath infrastructure into new markets across the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Building on top of our core network, we continue to add to raw and normalized market data feeds to complete our fully managed trading infrastructure service.

Further, fintech innovations such as blockchain, the Internet of Everything and machine learning are disrupting the way financial organizations are conducting business. Leveraging our Wall Street-grade, global backbone, Perseus will remain at the forefront of innovation, supporting mobile payment processing and blockchain applications. As the Internet of Everything and machine learning advance, market signals will come from all corners of the world and clients will need a flexible infrastructure to react quickly and capitalize on these signals.

In 2015, Jock received recognition from Institutional Investor, highlighting our acceptance of bitcoin payments. This year, Perseus continues to lead with unprecedented innovation, introducing our Global Spend Mobility (GSM) program earlier this month. GSM enables our clients to flexibly reallocate their existing spend with Perseus, moving in and out of markets with zero penalty, and mitigate global risk. The program continues to enhance our focus on flexibility, especially given the difficult-to-predict global macro events in today’s world (see Brexit).

Following Jock’s technology leadership, Perseus will continue to stay ahead of the next disruptive technologies that are sure to shake up the financial space. Read Jock’s write-up in Institutional Investor and see who joins him on this year’s Tech 50 list.