Market Data Overview

Clients choose Perseus to reliably deliver both RAW and NORMALIZED market data around the globe, powered by our reliable, global, ultra low latency network.


Increasing competition in established markets requires firms to constantly evaluate new trading strategies in new markets, and implement them even faster if they hope to see a profit before the market becomes oversaturated. With hundreds of exchanges around the globe, gaining access into new markets is more challenging and more expensive than ever.


Perseus delivers both raw and normalized market data for developed and key emerging markets to sites around the globe, powered by our reliable, ultra low latency network. Engineered specifically for the most latency sensitive trading firms, Perseus constantly evaluates the latest technology to ensure that we are using the best network gear deployed in each and every data center. With decades of experience connecting to markets around the world, Perseus offers a unique API that hides each exchange’s differences, minimizing your time to market and maximizing your revenue potential.


  • Raw and normalized market data over ultra low latency terrestrial fiber to most on-net locations around the world
  • Optimized wireless market data delivery to US markets
  • In-house, 24×7 monitoring by Perseus NOC tracks end-to-end latencies and packet losses in real time


  • Reduce the potential for lost revenue during onboarding with the ability to add new exchanges quickly and easily as they come online
  • Minimize added latency by leveraging distributed feed handlers that run directly in exchange colocation sites and normalize the data locally
  • Save time on development; Our simple and intuitive API requires one-time initial setup and integrates seamlessly with each of the exchanges you choose to add
  • Adapt to market changes with the flexibility to explore new trading strategies and re-allocate spend to new exchanges as needed
  • Realize significant cost savings, as Perseus serves as a full Vendor of Record (VOR) of the exchanges
  • Supported markets include:
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BMV/MexDer* BM&F/Bovespa* JSE* HKEx* SGX*