PrecisionSync™ Time Services

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From finance to online gaming, PrecisionSync™ has quickly become essential to maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring enterprise security and providing time standardization through a wide range of connectivity methods.


A certified time source within sub-nanoseconds of the official US Government time, PrecisionSync™ ensure as low as picosecond accuracy over the fastest and most secure networks available.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

  • PrecisionSync™ NTP Silver: 250 microseconds SLA
  • PrecisionSync™ NTP Gold: 50 microseconds SLA

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

  • PrecisionSync™ PTP Silver: 250 microseconds SLA
  • PrecisionSync™ PTP Gold: 50 microseconds SLA
  • PrecisionSync™ PTP Platinum: 1 microsecond SLA

Ultra PrecisionSync™ Time Synchronization

  • PPS: +/-1 nanosecond

Available as a single-source solution or in concert with existing practice, PrecisionSync™ delivers time synchronization across applications

  • Delivery via Ethernet
  • 100Mbps/1Gbps copper RJ45 or 1Gbps over single-mode fiber
  • IEEE multicast delivery available
  • Access to multiple resilient NTP time services
  • Attestation reports available by arrangement via web portal and email

All servers using PrecisionSync™ are in synch with each other – even when they are on opposite sides of the planet.